Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It's a heady game

I have always believed that that your head must be in the right space when you take on anything in life. If you don’t want to make the change or do something you most likely won’t succeed.

You always read;  blogs, sites, advice columns etc and they all talk about this percentage diet and this percentage workout to reach weight loss success. What they always fail to say is: 100% dedication, 100% determination, 100% commitment. If losing weight was as easy as eating the right things and exercising, we would never have an obesity problem. The real problem and biggest factor that holds us back are our minds and emotions. You have to be focused, motivated and strong in your decision to tackle a long weight-loss regime and to keep it off.

SO many people go into a diet and exercise routine and they think they want it, but they don’t really want it. If you feel at all sad and depressed for having to leave behind a life of eating crap and being sedentary, you don’t want it! If you tell yourself: “ Monday I will start”, you don’t want it. The kind of motivation and dedication you need to see it through is of epic proportion. You have to feel sad that you have been feeding your body crap and have been sitting around, you have to say:” I start immediately”.

I have been the above person who was sad to leave my wine and chocolates behind cause I have to lose weight now. What happened? Exactly what happens to the majority of “dieters”, you lose some, you gain it back and maybe more.

You have to really make that decision; “I want to be fit and healthy”, make it, make the decision, like making the decision to buy a house. Even go so far as to sign a contract with yourself. When you make that decision and you want to make that decision, you will stick to it. I am not say it will help if you just say ”Ja OK I decide I want to be fit and healthy”, I am talking about making a decision with the same conviction and commitment that would make any other life altering decisions with. Along with the decision realise the implications. When you buy a house you know: The bond will be paid of over 20 years, so it’s a long commitment, I will have to keep working to pay the bond, I have to look after the house etc. When you go about making the decision for a healthier life know that and tell yourself that: IT’s going to take time, it’s going to take hard work, I am going to have to change a lot of things, and it’s going to be hard.

I find that the time you are most likely to make this kind of decision and dedication towards your health is usually when you have hit a low point and you realise that you have hit that low point, when the denial is shattered and you see clearly. That day where you finally realise how fucking big the pants are that you are putting on, or when you actually take a look at the naked person in front of the mirror. That is when you will be revved up and charged to do this.

When your mind is in this 100% you will have results. Minor setbacks won’t make you fall down, a party won’t cause a relapse and you will not be searching for reasons to break your new regime.  You will push through, make the sacrifices, do the work and have the commitment needed to pull through.  When you see that first glimpse of the person you want to be; when you see your body change, you feel your new found strength, you have energy for days. When all of this starts happening you will push harder and push through.

Make the decision; change your life and Love Life Fit!

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