Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tzaziki recipe....oh so yum!

I just realised I never posted my tzaziki recipe! Sorry (very embarrassed).

SO here it is!




1 tub fat free smooth cottage cheese

5 tblspn fat free plain yogurt

¾ cup diced cucumber

2 teaspoons garlic (heaped a bit)

5 spring onions chopped finely

A squeeze of lemon juice

Black pepper (about a teaspoon grinded) – this is dependent on taste

I also add a teaspoon of Robertson Italian herbs

A pinch of salt

1 tblspn olive oil




Mix it all together and enjoy!



For a yummy yummy variation, add some fat free feta.

For a spicy variation, add some chilli’s

I spice according to my own taste, so feel  free to go a bit heavier or lighter on the garlic, black pepper etc.

Makro’s for whole batch

Calories:  500

Carbs :  26g

Fat : 19g

Protein: 49g

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