The pictures below are my start/before pictures. I am cringing as I post them....You will know the after photos are me and the photos to follow as I have tattoos and as we know, they are kinda permanent.

Wow, this is much harder than you could possible imagine, seeing these photos. From here it's just going to get better and the day I post the final after photo, I am going to be super excited! 

 The end of week one and I am down 4kg and along with that 2% body fat, it's a good start but I am well aware that the first week is always a high loss - Lets hope the weeks to come show losses.

So it seems my progress is going well, the body fat percentage is a massive differnce because I switched methods of measurement. I previously used a scale that measures body fat, I am now using a calliper, it's the most accurate way to measure body fat. I will post pictures again once I reach the 12 week mark.

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