My Story

Every weight loss story starts with a weight gain story. My story begins about four years ago, I had just finished university, started my first job and met and moved in with the love of my life (who I am so lucky to be marring on 21 Dec 2013). Let me just put things into perspective; prior to these life changes I was exercising 1 - 2 hours a day 6 days a week, following a very healthy diet and had very little stress.

I found myself working in a very stressful and negative environment, our flat was nowhere near a gym and I, as I am sure every newly engaged woman wants to do, spoiled my fiancé with home cooked food - rich, saucy, fatty, calorie bomb, food. I would often work ridiculous hours and go long periods of the day without eating then get home and gorge on everything bad. I ate massive portions, the same I dished my fiancé. On weekends we would stay in the whole weekend in front of our pc's playing games; eating, drinking - chocolates, white bread, chips, biscuits, every bad food mentionable.

I quickly gained weight and within a year I had doubled my weight, I went from 62 kg to 104 kg. I never really admitted my weight to myself, I just avoided my small clothes and bought bigger clothes, I avoided a scale, and I avoided everything that would indicate my size. I was living in denial city! It wasn't until I had to go for an operation to remove a cyst and was forced to get on a scale that I realised the horror! I weighed 104 kg...

The three years that followed I would lose, gain, lose, gain, lose, gain and then gain and gain and then lose again. At my heaviest I was 114 kg. In the past year I managed to stay between 90 and 94, the other 4 kg was packed on this holiday season. 

 My biggest realisation about my weight came when I was at my heaviest 114kg and watching the biggest Loser. I was so disgusted by these people, how they looked, thinking "at least I am not there yet", they stepped on the scale for their first weigh in and there it was, in HD, I weighed what they weighed. The bomb dropped, the truth sunk in and it was a bitch, this is what I had become. I had allowed myself to blow up to this size. After this revelation I shook of the weight to about 90kg and as I said earlier, have been fluctuating in that zone the last year. 

This fluctuating is over now, no more. No more excuse, no more cheat meals, no more birthday months or "its holiday season", no excuses. I am going to be a bride on 21 Dec 2013 and I will be damned if I am a fat bride! This is my biggest quest for 2013, to Be a Skinny Bride!

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