Saturday, 2 February 2013

Love Life Fit

This past week I have really been getting stuck into the fit and healthy lifestyle concept, I enjoyed waking up at 5 am for my workouts, got very excited to buy my first 5kg bucket of egg whites and I built myself an arsenal of healthy yummy recipes (have to love the internet).

While I was relishing in my new found inspiration and commitment a realization struck me - the true road to successfull lifelong lean and fit is ALL about mindset!

Your attitude with which you head into a fit, healthy and clean lifestyle will determine your success. If you are negative from the start and tell yourself;

  • Eating healthy is eating boring tasteless food
  • I hate exercising
  • I hate getting up early
  • I can't be social when I diet and exercise

Then you will believe this, go into it with a crap attitude and fail!

BUT if you approach it with the right attitude and embrace the positive you will win! This is what I do and say to myself:

  •  I love my morning workouts because I miss traffic, I feel energized for the day and to see the sunrise over table mountain as I drive to the gym every morning is amazing!
  •  Fresh whole food when prepared properly is amazing and I will bring creativity and my love for cooking to healthy eating
  • The internet is my friend and there are hundreds of amazing recipes that taste delicious and are diet friendly (you just have to educate yourself and be willing to try new things)
  • The amazing way my body and mind feels every day 
  •   How powerful I feel when I accomplish my goals and lift heavy weights

These are just a few positive ways of looking at Love life fit lifestyle, there are so many more! Along with a healthy attitude a healthy arsenal of information is needed. In this day and age we are so lucky to have a thing called the internet. We have all the information to be our own personal trainers at the touch of our fingertips. Do you want to eat pancakes on your diet, well here is the diet friendly version , bored with the same weight lifting routine, here are hundreds of ways to lift a weight The examples of information to build up your love life fit arsenal with is ample and I would be able to fill pages!

Self doubt is banned in the love life fit attitude, don't for a second doubt your ability to reach your goals and to stay focused! Negative thoughts resonate so much deeper than you know, so don't do it!

Lastly and this is a big issue for many people; other peoples negative crap they project onto you! You will get haters and people that try to break you down, you will get people telling you:

  • you are obsessed
  • you will never be able to keep it up
  • you will never have the body you want
  • you won't be able to have a life

The crap goes on! Don't listen to them, don't even think on it for one second! Here are my answers to the abov

  • you are obsessed - obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the determined and committed
  • you will never be able to keep it up - it's a lifestyle and when my body needs rest, I will rest, when I crave chocolate I will have a small one, but after I have rested and my body is ready or I have had my chocolate, I will get back on the wagon immediately!
  •  you will never have the body you want - go Google body transformations and see the countless people that have done it, so why can't you....
  • you won't be able to have a life - lol, does eating bad, not exercising and drinking denote "having a life" there are different versions of this concept, but one thing is for sure, you will have a longer, healthier, sexier life and you definitely don't have to eat crap and drink to have a good time!

So ladies and gents, bring your positive attitude to the game and make the decision to Love Life Fit!

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